Fishery rules

  1. Please take all litter home with you
  2. Barbless hooks only
  3. No fixed rigs all leads and feeders must be free running
  4. No braided mainline
  5. No nut type baits
  6. No bait boats
  7. Keepnets are not allowed unless in a match
  8. No dogs
  9. No wading or swimming
  10. No fires
  11. Must have valid rod licence
  12. All under 16’s must be supervised
  13. No rod and line in the water to be left unattended
  14. Do not enter fenced or roped off areas, stick to the paths and observe keep out and private signs
  15. Please ensure all species of fish are handled with care, Unhooking mats must be used for weighing and photos of fish