1. Cars must be parked orderly in car park and at the owner’s risk. The Fishery takes no responsibility for damage, theft or personal injury.
  2. All swims on ALL lakes must be pre-booked.
  3. All anglers must inform the Fishery if they are being accompanied by non-fishing companion. Non fishing guests will be charged a £5 fee. Anglers are responsible for their guests at all times.
  4. No rod and line in the water to be left unattended at any time.
  5. Fishing is only permitted from the pre-formed swims. Do not fish or ground bait from the areas between swims, do not enter fenced or roped off areas at any time. Paths are provided please use them. Please observe KEEP OUT and PRIVATE signs.
  6. Please ensure all species of fish are handled with care at all times, anglers failing to do so will be asked to vacate the site. If you wish to photograph a fish, do not stand with the fish or attempt to carry it, unhooking mats must be used at all times on the Main Lake. Return the fish to the water in the landing net if there is going to be a delay with the photograph.
  7. No fixed or Beach Caster type rigs or braided Main line.
  8. No Nut or Meat type baits to be used on Main Lake (i.e. peanuts, luncheon meat/pepperami)
  9. Barbless hooks only to be used on the lakes.
  10. No bait boats or Keep nets to be used except for matches.
  11. Boilies and Ground Bait in moderation, please ensure all particle baits are prepared correctly.
  12. All anglers on Main Lake must carry some form of antiseptic to treat any fish showing signs of hooking or sores.
  13. No Dogs, no wading or swimming.
  14. No fires, alcohol or drugs. Noise to be kept to a minimum. Please take all your litter home. You are responsible for your chosen swim, no line etc to be left.
  15. Please have respect for the wild life, surroundings and other anglers. Please do not feed the ducks or geese.
  16. Rod Licences may be asked to be inspected, please make sure you have yours with you.
  17. All under 16’s must be supervised by an adult at all times, no non fishing under 16’s permitted on site due to health and safety, insurance restrictions.
  18. Please use toilet facilities provided, not the nearest hedge or your swim!
  19. Any anglers not abiding to these rules will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to fish again at any time on this site.
  20. This fishery closes at 8pm daily or Dusk, which ever comes sooner. The gates will be locked soon after. Please be sure to leave enough time to pack away and exit the fishery on time.